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This limited-edition TROVE Swift was designed by CharlestheArtist, and is the perfect example of a striking colour contrast. More information about our artist of the month can be found here. This is the first collaboration using our Vegan Reflex material.

Featuring a vibrant combination of red and black, his design is simple and stylish in an understated way.

  • High resolution print of the artist's work
  • Two layers of bonded Vegan Reflex.
  • High-quality Italian elastic.
  • Comfortably holds 10 cards.
  • 3 separate pockets to organise your cards, cash, photos etc.
  • 1 quick access pocket for 1-2 cards using a rubberized pull tab
  • Reversible allowing for expanded storage options.

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    You can add letters and numbers and the following characters: .,!£%$&#@()?

    Up to 5 capital letters

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    How to use your TROVE Swift

    swiftwallet video thumbnail image

    Swift Basics
    Exploring the quick access pull tab and three storage pockets for cards and coins.

    swift wallet video thumbnail image

    Swift Reverse
    Turn your wallet inside out for one large card pocket and two loops for bank notes.

    swift wallet video thumbnail image

    Swift Reversing Back
    ...and then how to put it back to three pockets.

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    At Trove, we celebrate the incredible work of the artists that we collaborate with. This is why we want to give more designers and illustrators the opportunity to work with us and have their designs featured on our wallets.

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