Image of Slim Wallet


We are one of the last remaining small leather goods manufacturers in the UK, but we had no product that we could truly call our own. Until we made TROVE.

What is Trove?

The ultimate and original slim TROVE wallet - a new format for carrying your every day cards, cash, tickets and scraps.

Since we started the factory in 2011, there has been a constant internal drive to create a new product that combines the skills and craftsmanship of the people in our factory with innovative and creative product development.

Trove In Action

After two years of making prototypes that did not quite meet our goals, we came up with the initial designs for TROVE. In the preceding months we started quietly developing and refining the product to make it the best that it can be.

Watch our videos to see what makes TROVE the ultimate slim wallet.

People try to reinvent the wallet all the time. Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes, they fail. With this one, they definitely pulled off something special.

Custom colorway configurations are available, and it's a sweet deal to boot. Whatever's in your pocket right now should be very worried.


I have used TROVE for over a week now and I cant stop showing it off. It really does feel great and doesn't show any signs of stretching or losing its colour.