The UK's departure from the EU will mean changes for EU customers purchasing from our store.

With effect from 1st January 2021, we will no longer be collecting VAT on EU purchases, and so EU customers will become liable for payment of VAT and/or other local taxes and duties due in their own country when receiving their orders.

The United Kingdom has agreed a Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU which means goods made in the UK will not be subject to additional import duties into the EU. Since all TROVE products are made in the UK you should not be expected to pay any duty in addition to the VAT. Please contact us if you are asked to pay import duty. You may still be expected to pay the import VAT.

Because it has always been our policy that ALL customers pay the same price for our products - we think it's fairer that way - this change may mean that your purchases may now cost more than they did before the UK left the EU. However, to try and balance this a little, we have always offered reduced shipping costs for non-EU/UK customers and now we will be extending that policy to include EU customers too.

So, with immediate effect, EU customers will receive FREE STANDARD POSTAL SHIPPING on all orders over £50.

All of this is new to us too, and at the moment we have now idea how the UK's departure will affect shipping times and customs processes for orders shipped to the EU - but it seems very likely that there will be some disruption for weeks and possibly a few months to come.

As always, if you require any further information, please contact us on