Image of Slim Wallet

TROVE Craftsmanship

Our factory is owned and run by the staff who work on the floor everyday with hundreds of years of combined knowledge and experience.

Trove Factory

As a manufacturer we fully support and are passionate about making every TROVE in our Melton Mowbray factory. From sourcing the finest materials we pride ourselves on offering the entire manufacturing process; from inspecting and cutting the leather, assembling, finishing, branding through to packing.

People try to reinvent the wallet all the time. Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes, they fail. With this one, they definitely pulled off something special.

Custom colorway configurations are available, and it's a sweet deal to boot. Whatever's in your pocket right now should be very worried.


I have used TROVE for over a week now and I cant stop showing it off. It really does feel great and doesn't show any signs of stretching or losing its colour.