TROVE Cash Wrap: Green Carbon Fibre $64.00

The Cash Wrap holds everything you need, whilst staying compact. Organise up to ten cards in different compartments and use the built in pocket for coins. Use the pull tab to access your most-used cards without opening the Cash Wrap, or access cash FAST without unfolding the whole wrap. Still slim. Still minimal.

Already carrying a TROVE Wallet or TROVE Swift? Combine it with the Cash Wrap to carry more. Your TROVE. Your way.

  • Made from a patented Carbon Fibre material produced in the USA
  • Lined with genuine Alcantara
  • High quality Italian elastic
  • Vegan friendly
  • Carry cash, cards, notes and tickets
  • Hand-crafted in England in our own factory

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You can add letters and numbers and the following characters: .,!£%$&#@()?

Up to 5 capital letters

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How to use your TROVE Cash Wrap

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Cash Wrap Basics
Exploring the quick access pull tab, quick removal of cards and notes inside, and the hidden pocket.

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Cash Wrap Loading
Fully load your Cash Wrap with bank notes, cards and more...

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Cash Wrap Separate
How to separate the Cash Wrap and card elastic, or add to your existing TROVE Wallet or Swift.

Cash Wrap diagram

Trove Cash Wrap

Contemporary, low-waste design, realised with traditional leatherworking skills, and the best materials available make your TROVE special

  • Fits British £50 notes - larger than most international bank notes

  • Internal pocket for coins, keys and more

  • Add the elastic with Swift pull-tab to carry quick access cards

  • Compatible with TROVE Wallet and TROVE Swift wallets to carry even more