Sarah K

This month’s limited-edition wallet has been provided by the talented Sarah K and features a vibrant example of a design that combines colour, nature and ancient art that we’re sure will turn heads this winter and beyond.

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About Sarah K

Sarah K is currently a student at Bath and in her spare time enjoys creating art. She’s always enjoyed drawing and although she creates mostly digital art now, she started out with graphite pencils and acrylic paints. She uses her Instagram account as an archive for her favourite pieces and to share her journey as she explores different mediums and experiments with her style.

When asked about her style, she said that her art style is quite experimental and is always changing. She’ll often start a piece of work and try different styles, brushes, and textures until it looks right.

Sarah also like to combine different styles, like having a realistic foreground with an abstract background or drawing on top of a photograph she took. Although she tends to lean towards portraiture, she also loves to change it up every now and then and explore different ways to showcase her creativity.

When asked about what inspires her, Sarah explained that her surroundings are her main inspiration, whether it’s street art that she comes across or a cool laptop sleeve she saw in the shops. She loves starting a piece of work and then seeing something that inspires her to change her art. So, the final piece always ends up looking different from what she had originally imagined. Music is also a big inspiration as she likes to center her art and its theme around whatever song she has on loop at that moment or a certain lyric that stuck out to her.

You can find her over on Instagram: @sarahssketchbook_

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