Magda March

This month’s featured artist is Magda March. Her design includes a symbol of prosperity and good luck, the frog.

Her design plays with our reflective reflex material and negative space to make our froggy friend really POP!

Leapfrog your friends’ wallet game with this limited-edition slim wallet, handcrafted in the UK.

Available only in the month of March 2024.

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About Magda March

Magda is a freelance illustrator and lettering artist from Poznań, Poland, where she studied and got her Graphic Design Master’s degree.

Nowadays I mostly draw digitally. Whether it's on a graphic tablet or my iPad, it just makes life simpler—no scanning hassles, colour troubles, or formatting headaches.

The way I use digital brushes has a lot in common with analogue drawing with paint, which was my favourite technique when I was a student.

Her digital style is a bit old-school - She tends to paint over my mistakes rather than erasing them and skip any fancy line-smoothing tricks. It is this mix of old and new that gives her work that distinct feel.

Despite all the digital tools, Magda still enjoy the therapeutic act of hand-drawing whenever she can.

She especially enjoys drawing motifs related to nature - animals, plants, flowers - you name it. Magda recharges her battery by interacting with nature - going on walks, or simply replanting the flowers in my flat.

Typography caught Magda’s interest during her studies, and it has become a big part of what she does. Magda loves playing with new shapes for letterforms that have been around forever.

It is all about giving a fresh look to those timeless characters. Magda says she’s on a visual journey where pixels and traditional strokes meet, and we are loving every bit of it!

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