Laura Pee

This month’s limited-edition wallet has been provided by the wonderful Laura Pee and features the bold and beautiful aspects of nature that we see every day but should appreciate more.

The vibrant and colourful plants at the centre of her design are a vivid representation of a tropical landscape and the contrast of the pink and green makes this an eye-catching design.

Available only in the month of June 2022.

Limited edition

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About Laura Pee

In a cosmic palette full of layers, intricate cuttings and careful composition, Laura is a multidisciplinary artist; working from her home studio based in Leicester.

She graduated with First Class Honors, studying Illustration and Visual Communication BA at University of Westminster.

Since then, Laura has continued to develop her art practice. Her work has been seen in solo and group exhibitions around the UK, as well as public art displayed in the streets and pubs of Leicester.

Find out more about Laura, visit her website today:

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