Introducing the Trove Swift

Introducing the Trove Swift


The community of fans we have built up through Kickstarter has helped us to achieve more than we have ever imagined being possible with our wallet, and this has inspired us to build on our success and expand on our range of products. 

The next step was to improve on the original wallet while staying true to the core values of where it started; minimal waste, minimal design, high function.

So we did it. We brought you the TROVE Swift. Following a successful Kickstarter, we have made all 10 colours of the TROVE Swift available, so there should be no trouble coordinating with your wardrobe. 


Trove Swift Wallet in Purple and Green

Trove Swift Pull Tab


Everyone has that one card they use more than others so we've added the quick access Swift pull tab. 

This has improved the speed and accessibility of your most used card, while still having the versatility of the 3 separate compartments, quality of materials and compact, minimalist aesthetic.


Trove Swift


In a hurry? Pull the tab, pay, grab your coffees and go. The Swift tab has also been custom-made with a rubberized coating to increase grip. 

It's still extremely slim, holding up to 10 cards, cash, coins and even keys. Born from low-waste design, your TROVE will carry everything you need - without the bulk.

It's tricky business creating something so light and minimal that's also hardwearing. Every element needs to stand the durability test. Along with the rubberized grip on the tab, the ribbon has been made to balance perfectly between strength and weight. It is only 0.3mm thick but is incredibly strong and durable. 


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The minimalist design means the TROVE Swift will work with everyone's daily routine but we wanted to take it a step further with our Build Your Own tool. Completely customise your TROVE to suit your style and then simply tick the box to add a Swift tab. 

Create your unique TROVE Wallet from over 150,000 possible combinations, or use the randomize button for some inspiration. Share your finished design with friends, and invite them to edit their own.


Build Your Own Trove


We've built a community around the TROVE wallet and have taken your feedback on board over the past 3 years. With a lot of experimenting, we found a way to increase the functionality without losing the streamline design you loved about the original wallet.

All of our products go through a lot of testing - we want to make sure it's practical and stands up to daily use. The Swift has been through many iterations to get to a final product that we are proud of.


We can't wait for you to start using it. Make sure you tag us in your photos of your Swift in action for the chance to win your TROVE. Just use #WINMYTROVE. We'll pick one a month and refund the order.