Making the Wall of TROVEs

In early September, the organisers of Best of Britannia contacted me and invited TROVE to exhibit at a very unique show in London. The BoB event brings together some of the best British made brands to a beautiful location and celebrates the very best of British workmanship, innovation and food. With only 3 weeks notice I had to create an exhibition display for TROVE. Some of you may know that I am an avid watcher of Game of Thrones and one of the most impressive scenes in the last season was of 'The Wall'. Earlier in the year I had already posted an image of TROVEs stacked as a Throne, so why not extend the theme to building a wall? 

The first step was to decide roughly what the 'Wall' was going to look like, we quickly decided on a square to echo the TROVE's design. Then it was working out how big the display was going to be, it need to be eye-catching but at the same time manageable for transport. After deciding on roughly a 1m square we then had to find a way to make the display, along comes our neighbours PSR Industrial to save the day. I crossed over the car park to show Richard (the MD of PSR) our rough sketches and picked his brain on best materials to use, although he had never fabricated an exhibition display before he agreed to help us out. In the short course of a few days he had drawn up the design on his CAD software all ready for sending to his milling machine, just needed to wait for the right material to be delivered for the job. None of us really knew how it was going to turn out but with the short-time that we had the best thing to do was to optimistically push on.

Here is a video and some photos of Richard's CNC machine and his factory.


Minh Phan
Minh Phan


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