Our previous featured trove artist

Simona De Leo

This month’s limited edition features Simona De Leo’s design based on fruits, perfect for that lazy summer vibe, relaxing on the beach, paying for your gelato with your contactless card in the TROVE slimline wallet.

We love the colour combination of the pinks, reds that contrast with the dark teal. With the light blue of the elastic and red lining and stitching, this limited edition is perfect for hitting the town or the beach while on a getaway.

Available only until the end of September.

blue and red wallet from artist Simona De Leo

Limited edition Simona De Leo wallet

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About Simona De Leo

Simona De Leo is a freelance illustrator from London. Originally from Puglia, Italy, you can see the sunshine that she misses in her art that covers designs from the beach, to nature and care.

Working with digital and classic watercolour techniques, Simona likes to combine the two to create a bold, unique style that conveys positivity through enjoying the moment and feeling good about oneself.

Find out more about Simona and her art at her website below.

simona de leo artwork showing a pint glass with women swimming inside
simona de leo artwork showing a woman listening to music
simona de leo artwork showing a woman singing