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This month’s limited edition features the work of NerdvolutionKurisu and her unique design of two handsome canines.

The handrawn dogs appear majestically, like a crest, with silver detail reflecting exquisitely when the light catches the front of the wallet. With gold trails of flora upon a black base and the matching elastic, this is a sophisticated looking slimline wallet that wouldn’t be out of place in a dinner jacket pocket.

Available only in the month of October.

wallet with dogs on from artist NerdvolutionKurisu

Limited edition NerdvolutionKurisu

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About NerdvolutionKurisu

NerdvolutionKurisu, otherwise known as Cristina Oceja, is originally from Spain and currently lives in Southampton, UK. She is a multidisciplinary artist currently working as a 2D animator and freelance artist.

Cristina works with traditional and digital painting techniques, and we can see how these worlds intersect in this exclusive design for TROVE. Her inspiration for her art comes from nature, literature and video games. A fan of fantasy topics, you can see the influence here and in her other art, that often features themes of the cycle of life and the beauty within it.

Find out more about Cristina and her art at her Instagram below

a sketch of a woman in black and white holding a rose in gold
a black and white sketch of two dog heads
surreal digital artwork of a fox dancing with a fox skeleton/ghost