This month’s featured trove artist

Kancer the Crab

This month’s limited edition comes from the talented Michael Yukis, aka Kancer the Crab, and his intriguing work with hidden meanings.

A contrasting set of emblems emblazon the front of this month’s slimline wallet with vibes of early 2000s street culture. It’s loud, edgy and extreme – if this represents you, then this wallet is perfect for you. It’s fun too: this piece contains secret Easter eggs and hidden meanings as do all Michael’s work.

Available only in the month of November.

black wallet with a colourful x on it

Limited edition Kancer the Krab wallet

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About Kancer the Krab

Kancer the Crab’s real name is Michael. And that’s all the personal detail you’re getting as he prefers his work to speak for himself. Orginally from Cyprus, he is currently a UK-based graphic designer using the zodiac symbol of the crab as a persona.

That persona comes through from the work Kancer the Crab produces – using drama, emotions and metaphor through the symbols contained within each of his pieces. He can only walk sideways and has a hard shell that gets him through the toughest of days.

Find out more about Michael and his persona Kancer the Crab at his Tumblr below:

colourful digital rendering of a woman's face
a green and white digital sketch of a catherdral
a comic book cover style artwork featuring a demon in a suit of armour

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