April’s featured trove artist

Joanna Clay

April’s limited-edition wallet has been provided by the talented Joanna Clay Design and features a design that elegantly captures effortless femininity with a close connection to natural beauty.

The bold and detailed tiger at the centre of her design is playful and expressive contrasting abstract colours with a realistic feel.

Both eye-catching and vibrant, this is a must-have accessory to show off when you’re out and about and would make a wonderful gift for friends and family.

It’s time to upgrade your wallet with this month’s exclusive design.

Available only in the month of April 2022.

wallet with tiger design

Limited edition Joanna Clay

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About Joanna Clay

Joanna Clay is a freelance artist, designer, and illustrator based in Oxford. Her work is informed by her background in printed textiles design and celebrates all things pattern and colour. She uses a variety of different processes from painting and mixed media to digital manipulation and ceramics to create the signature style that she is known for.

Find out more about Joanna Clay when you visit her website:

illustration of a black heart shooting a red heart in the head
illustration of a plant with a skull head skateboarding
illustration of a clear can with fish in it

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